Combined Heat and Power District

CHP – Cogeneration

Combined Heat and Power

District CHP – Cogeneration

E&B International is a MEP company based in Miami, USA and focused on becoming your best partner in the HVACR & energy solutions Industry. Our scope includes design, selection, procurement and commissioning of multiple applications (Central Boiler and hybrid Chiller plants, Cooling and Heating District, Waste Heat Recovery, Mission Critical Projects, Renewables Energy and Co-generation combined Heat & Power CCHP).

Benefits of CHP

Prime Mover Engine types: Internal Combustion reciprocating engines, Combustion turbine generators, Microturbines, Fuel cells, Stirling engines

Prime Mover Fuel Types. Natural gas is the leading fuel in existing CHP installations; Technologies such as oil are often environmentally restricted; Bio-fuels and bio-gases are new sustainable sources; Biomass will be an important source for some areas in the future

Heat Recovery Boiler HRSG. Similar to a typical fuel-fired boiler, except that instead of having a combustion chamber or firebox, the unfired pressure vessel extracts heat from the prime mover exhaust to produce typically either hot water or steam; maximum possible steam pressure is a function of the flue gas temperature

CHP sizing options. Island mode (isolated operation), for electric base-load; for thermal base-load; for intermediate loads, for peaking loads, power load following, thermal load following

Generación de calor y energía, también conocida como Cogeneración es la producción simultanea de energía térmica y eléctrica usando una sola fuente de energía; cuando generamos también frio con el calor residual de la planta CHP lo llamamos trigeneración o CCHP

Beneficios CHP


El Gas Natural es el combustible líder en instalaciones CHP existentes

Bio combustibles and bio gases son nuevas Fuentes sostenibles

Biomasa esta iniciando pero se espera un buen crecimiento

Equipo principal:
Motores reciprocantes de combustión interna, Micro-turbinas , Turbinas a gas CTG, Fuel Cells, Stirling Engines