2000 TONS magnetic bearing water cooled centrifugal chiller

Smardt exhibited at AHRExpo Chicago (1) 2000 TONS magnetic bearing water cooled centrifugal chiller; 6 independent oil free compressors Danfoss Turbocor VTT with individual VFD, electronic expansion valves, control card, shut down valves suction and discharge to isolate circuits; only common point is the main electric and microprocessor panel; if you want we can deliver chiller with one installed as backup and have total independence and redundancy; economizer (flash tank) option to increase capacity in some locations.

New TT Series compressor Danfoss Turbocor compatible with both R134-A and R513-A

Smardt exhibio en el AHR de Chicago Chiller Centrifugo enfriado por agua de 2000 tons, 6 compresores “oil-free Danfoss Turbocor VTT and magnetic bearings”, independientes en operacion cada compresor con valvula expansion electronic, variador de frecuencia, valvulas aislamiento succion y descarga y tarjeta contro; unico punto comun tablero principal y podemos entregar uno como respaldo

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Able to make a payback analysis and electric consumption comparison.