PETRA 100% DOAS arrives to Colombia

PETRA 100% DOAS arrives to Colombia

The comfort of the new Falabella store in the Buenavista Shopping Center will be in charge of (3) PETRA brand RTU designed to meet the demanding environmental conditions of the beautiful and thriving Barranquilla:

Cooling Capacity: 3 RTU 115 ton and 44,000 CFM each other

Double wall G-90, foam injected; R13 insulation (2 “) between inner and outer layers; electrostatic paint treatment interior and exterior walls, floor, ceiling and doors for 5,000 hr salt spray ASTM-B117 test, (panels and doors “thermally broken”)

A new big project

We are involved in a cogeneration project (to provide electricity and thermal power for 15 years); scope includes:

a) Memorandum of Bases & Criteria for the Design of Conceptual Engineering

b) Mass and energy balances

c) General Plant Arrangement (Plot Plan)

d) Electric Uniform Diagram

e) Fuel heating system selected by the manufacturer to provide the main equipment guarantying can be steam cogeneration for the process.

f) Flow Diagram of the Cogeneration Process, indicating flows, pressures and temperatures of the different energy streams to be exchanged with the industrial plant (steam, condensates, cold water, thermal oil, …).

LENNOX 2017 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award

Lennox received the 2017 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award from the Product Development and Management Association.

The award was presented during the 2017 PDMA annual conference, which took place in November 2017 in Chicago.

“We are proud to be recognized with the 2017 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award,” said John Whinery, Lennox Industries’ vice president of product management. “It recognizes the culture of innovation that is at the core of this company, and has been since Lennox was founded in 1895.”

The award recognizes companies that demonstrate success and growth in developing new products and services, officials said.

Manejadoras de aire central tipo aplicado

Si viaja a Asunción, Paraguay no deje de visitar el Centro Comercial “Paseo la Galería”, excelente ubicación, las mejores tiendas, área de entretenimiento, edificación de tres niveles + terraza y disfrute una excelente condición de temperatura y humedad gracias a 370 manejadoras de aire central tipo aplicado, doble pared, modelo EAHD suministradas por E&B International Trading LLC fabricadas por Dunham Bush en su planta de Malasia (mxb, filter, coil, fan, VFD y mas en cada una)

Sistema Tratamiento agua sin químicos

En el proyecto “Expansión Portal del Prado” en Barranquilla adicional a las torres de enfriamiento, suministramos el sistema de tratamiento agua.

El agua usada en calefacción, enfriamiento y otros procesos puede contener minerales disueltos que son menos solubles debido a los cambios ambientales causados por el equipo en tales sistemas. Esto conlleva a precipitación de sólidos que se depositan en las superficies húmedas afectando la transferencia de calor y la eficiencia del flujo (mineral scale)

2000 TONS magnetic bearing water cooled centrifugal chiller

Smardt exhibited at AHRExpo Chicago (1) 2000 TONS magnetic bearing water cooled centrifugal chiller; 6 independent oil free compressors Danfoss Turbocor VTT with individual VFD, electronic expansion valves, control card, shut down valves suction and discharge to isolate circuits; only common point is the main electric and microprocessor panel; if you want we can deliver chiller with one installed as backup and have total independence and redundancy; economizer (flash tank) option to increase capacity in some locations.

Smardt Solar Integrated Chiller (SSiC)

Durante AHR Expo show Smardt presento su “Smardt Solar Integrated Chiller (SSiC) integrando paneles solares para operar los motoventiladores de condensacion con el compresor Smardt “oil free magnetic bearing” en chiller enfriado por aire y el modulo evaporative directo/indirecto, que reduce la temperature de retorno agua fria a traves proceso evaporacion de bajo consumo energetic […]

Petra Engineering Industries at AHR Expo 2018

Taken from AHR Expo news: Petra Engineering Industries attended AHR Expo 2018 held in Chicago. Exhibition included the outstanding 100% OS DOAS – Water Cooled Package Unit featuring heat pipe dehumidification (in house), sensible fixed plate heat exchanger, hot water coil, modulating HGRC, digital scroll compressors, SS brazed plate heat exchanger condenser, outdor installation, EC […]

DANFOSS was declared WINNER in the category Green Building INNOVATION

During recent AHRExpo held in Chicago DANFOSS was declared WINNER in the category Green Building INNOVATION: Danfoss Turbocor TTH/TGH This outstanding oil free compressor used in SMARDT air and water cooled centrifugal chillers is a compressor optimized and engineered for high lift applications, including air-cooled chillers and heat recovery; feature oil-free, variable speed, magnetic bearing […]