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HAVC&R Systems engineering solutions:

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Thermal Storage (TES)

TES is a proven, energy conserving, nonpolluting technology that uses off-peak electricity. Energy is used during nighttime periods to produce and store cool energy in the form of ice or chilled water. The cool energy in storage is used the next day for air-conditioning or process cooling during periods of peak energy demand reducing peak electrical cooling loads, demand charges, greenhouse gases and initial investment in electrical infrastructure (lower size transformer, substation, backup generators, wiring, and protections) up to U$ 350 savings in electrical Capex for each kw reduced.
E&B’s solution provides cool energy storage in the form of ice using Ice Balls (4” diameter plastic spheres) filled with water which are poured in storage tanks and frozen at night during “off peak” hours. Next day, during “peak” hours, Ice Balls are melted (38oF) to provide cooling and reduce peak demand for electricity. Read more>