PETRA 100% DOAS arrives to Colombia

PETRA 100% DOAS arrives to Colombia

The comfort of the new Falabella store in the Buenavista Shopping Center will be in charge of (3) PETRA brand RTU designed to meet the demanding environmental conditions of the beautiful and thriving Barranquilla:

Cooling Capacity: 3 RTU 115 ton and 44,000 CFM each other

Double wall G-90, foam injected; R13 insulation (2 “) between inner and outer layers; electrostatic paint treatment interior and exterior walls, floor, ceiling and doors for 5,000 hr salt spray ASTM-B117 test, (panels and doors “thermally broken”)

“Brown out” protection

CU / AL condenser and evaporator coils with 4,000 hrs salt spray treatment, tested at 450 psi

Twin City supply and return fans with VFD, direct coupling fan plenum and premium motor

Motorized Dampers OA, EA with “hoods”

Air purge section; when smoke sequence is ON (detects high smoke level) the damper OA, RA, EA are closed and the fans supply OFF; damper purge and return fan OPEN and send the 44,000 cfm outdoors

Enthalpy Wheel capacity 10,000 cfm (aluminum media) installed in the factory

ALC controller, sensors: CO2, humidity and temperature, duct pressure, switch state filter, smoke, rotation EW

Lateral discharge and return

Factory witness test

Petra holds multiple certifications: CE, ETL, ISO 14001, Eurovent, ESMA, AHRI 430 – 340 – 360 – 440 – 550 – 590, UL

 Multiple projects