DANFOSS was declared WINNER in the category Green Building INNOVATION

During recent AHRExpo held in Chicago DANFOSS was declared WINNER in the category Green Building INNOVATION: Danfoss Turbocor TTH/TGH

This outstanding oil free compressor used in SMARDT air and water cooled centrifugal chillers is a compressor optimized and engineered for high lift applications, including air-cooled chillers and heat recovery; feature oil-free, variable speed, magnetic bearing operations for outstanding full and part – load efficiency, low vibration and sound, two stage centrifugal compression, small footprint and reduced maintenance costs while providing an expanded operating map suitable for high-lift applications like air-cooled chillers and heat recovery.

In air-cooled chillers, the product can support operation at high ambient temperatures with pressure ratios as high as 6.2.

The high-lift compressors are available in a nominal 325-kW (90 ton) model using R-134a or R-513A (TTH325) and a nominal 250-kW (70 ton) model using low-GWP HFO-1234ze (TGH250).


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