Petra Engineering Industries at AHR Expo 2018

Taken from AHR Expo news:

Petra Engineering Industries attended AHR Expo 2018 held in Chicago. Exhibition included the outstanding 100% OS DOAS – Water Cooled Package Unit featuring heat pipe dehumidification (in house), sensible fixed plate heat exchanger, hot water coil, modulating HGRC, digital scroll compressors, SS brazed plate heat exchanger condenser, outdor installation, EC direct drive plenum supply fans, Microproceesor controller Bacnet standard; options in factory: Explosion proof version, Economizer, VFD Scroll compressors, recovery enthalpy or sensible wheel, run around coils, indoor installation AHRI.

Petra evaporative – cooled condenser package unit featuring: VFD hermetic / Digital scroll compressors, 2” double wal;l injected foam panels, microproccor control, EC fan drive, heating options w/ hot water coil – electric or gas heater; economizer section, recovery systems, VFD for fans, condenser coil copper tubes;  AHRI


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