VWV (Air Cooled Mini Chiller 3-25TR)

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vwv Air Cooled Mini Chiller 3-25TR solutionDesigned for the residential and commercial market. Available since 3 to 25 – ton cooling capacity to match with a variety of indoor CW fan coils (Hi wall, cassette, ceiling floor, concealed, ducted) providing a huge flexibility. Chillers can be installed in tandem and go up to 150 tons
It is a self- contained unit available on multiple options (Bacnet connectivity, indoor and outdoor installation, fixed and digital Scroll compressor, heat recovery, coating coil, CW pump installed), ETL, AHRI certified.

It is a great alternative to the traditional DX multiplit (a condensing unit with multiple compressors) and even to the VRF/Digital Scroll technologies. Chilled water multisplit is easier to install and maintain and water running into the conditioned spaces instead of refrigerant


Cooling with VWV air conditioning chillers and ductless hydronic fan coils means running small, flexible water pipes into spaces within the walls instead of large ductwork runs. This can save hundreds of useable square feet for living space. Using ductless fan coils results in zero percent duct air loss compared to traditional ducted systems.

Zero Line Length Limitations

With insulated water lines carrying the cooling capacity, there is minimal capacity loss allowing for unlimited line length runs to any hydronic fan coil. This method of delivering rated capacity is far more efficient than traditional direct expansion ductless split systems.

Zoned Cooling

With VWV air-cooled chillers and ductless fan coils, you condition only the spaces you designate; not the whole building as opposed to a traditional DX system[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]