WSHP (Water Source Heat Pump)

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP) move heat and do it more efficiently than any other heating and cooling technology. ASHRAE estimates a more than twenty year life expectancy. This heating/cooling system offers individual zone control, recovers and utilizes excess heat for space conditioning or alternative uses, and serves multi-tenant needs simply and efficiently,

The system is comprised of highly efficient packaged reverse cycle heat pump units interconnected by way of a water loop. Each unit satisfies the air comfort of the particular zone in which it is installed. In cold weather, the heat pump removes heat from the water loop via the unit’s specially designed refrigerant-to-water coaxial heat exchanger and transfers it to the air.

Water-Source Heat Pumps are ideal for a wide range of building types including Office & Apartment Buildings, Assisted Living Facilities, mid- size Hotels, Condominiums, Schools and much more. Some of their main features are:

  • R410a.
  • Water to refrigerant (tube in tube) coaxial coil.
  • Two speed compressor (option).
  • PSC three speed blower motors or ECM motor
  • Air Filter factory installed.
  • Pre wired and factory charged with refrigerant and oil.
  • Water connections and condensate drains FPT.
  • Electrical: A control box shall be located within the unit compressor compartment and shall contain a 50VA transformer, 24 volt activated, 2 or 3 pole compressor contactor, terminal block for thermostat wiring and solid-state controller for complete unit operation.
  • We offer three different brand options to match your real needs.

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